Herdsday – World Cow Day

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Herdsday – World Cow Day

Hello! I thought it was time for a little bit of fun. I also thought it was time to celebrate something I like and that’s why I decided to put this gallery together to dedicate a day to an animal that is often overlooked.

So let’s celebrate World Cow Day on the last Thursday of May and call it ‘Herdsday’ in honour of the mighty cow in all its shapes and sizes.

For many years I have taken photos of cows, which may sound strange (and probably is) but some people take photos of cars or birds, celebrities or their food, for me it’s cows (I can stop if I want to). Though I am no expert – I don’t remember very many breeds but I do find them interesting; it’s not like I go around counting them or adding them to A Little Book of Cows’ or anything like that, I find them calming. And as much as they interest me, they find me of interest as well. You only have to stand at a fence or gate for short time before the cows starting coming closer, well, unless they’re sat down (and that’s understandable, once you’re down you’re down). They are as inquisitive as us. The photos in the gallery are just that, me waiting and seeing what happens.

  • Canons Ashby 2014
  • cow on a wall 2010
  • Derbyshire 2009
  • Derbyshire Peaks 2009
  • Derbyshire2 2009
  • Derbyshire3 2009
  • New Forest-2005
  • cow closeup
  • New Forest2-2005
  • Oundle1 2013
  • Oundle2 2013
  • Oundle3 2013
  • sunnyfield 2010
  • Wales 2013
  • Wimpole 2009
  • epping longhorn2 2010
  • epping longhorn3 2010.

  • Duffield longhorn 2010


One of my favorite breeds is the Longhorn. These come in all different colours from brown, black, white, piebalds to dappled, their horns (both male and females have them) are often twisted, one up, one down. They’re big, solid creatures yet placid, and for that reason (and many others) have been re-introduced into the landscape of the UK to graze on common ground (Lea Valley), in meadows (Epping Forest) and in the fields of Duffield, Derbyshire (among others).

A breed I’d like to meet but haven’t managed yet is the Chillingham Wild Cattle in Northumberland. These remarkable wild cows have been grazing in Chillingham Park and have remained isolated for over 700 years. They’re protected and managed because they are rare and wild.

These are just two of the 800 or so breeds of cattle recognized globally. So celebrate World Cow Day with me and share you photos or stories through blogs, facebook and twitter (look for hashtags #worldcowday and #herdsday).

(Note: I took these photographs, if you’d like to share them that’s fine and if you’d like to use them, get in touch)


  1. Jacqueline

    Lovely idea and lovely cows! I especially love the cow balancing on the dry-stone wall!

    J xx

  2. Jacqueline

    You’ve seen the Chillingham Cows now! I’ve got the photos to prove it!


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