My first eBook-only cover

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Books, Inspiration, Visualization
My first eBook-only cover

This cover is for a short story for ebook production. It’s a deleted scene from the book Dark Peak: The First Elemental (which I also did the cover for). For this one, Stone and the Flower Dragon, it needed to ‘tie in’ but not too closely. The author had an idea that colour was very important and to somehow show and not show the dragon (and there shouldn’t be any black outlines) – a definite shift from the style of Dark Peak which has a graphic novel edge to the cover.

I was trying to avoid the difficulties of visualizing a dragon but with a little luck I found my inspiration in a photo and it went on from there. This illustration started life as a hand drawn dragon, followed by painting the flowers in Photoshop and then digitizing my drawing to bring them together. Stone and the Flower Dragon is FREE on Smashwords.

Flower Dragon coverDark Peak cover













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