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The bookshelf here shows only a small sample of the books that have been designed by Silbercow. Publishers range from large organisations like The Poetry Society, to local authorities such as Northamptonshire Libraries, to small independent presses like Stonewood Press, Hearing Eye, Freedom Press and Second Light Publications. Silbercow also works directly with  individual writers and editors,  including:  EA Markham, Mimi Khalvati, Colette Bryce, Milan Rai, Hylda Sims, John Rety, Myra Schneider, JG Parker and Anne Stewart.

The design of any book relies on the genre, content and style of the title’s writing. In discussion with the publisher and writer Silbercow creates preliminary concepts, colour palettes and font schemes for selection and development, and part of the enjoyment of working with small book producers is the creative energy generated from discussing our ideas. Silbercow designs both book covers and complete projects including cover design and book layout.

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