• Zen House cover
  • Zen House CD book
  • Zen House CD book detail
  • Zen House back cover

Silbercow has worked with Summerhouse Records for many years on over 16 new releases. The Zen House is the tenth album by indie band Friends and the 7th album designed by Silbercow. The eight-page CD booklet & inlay and disc artwork were designed by Silbercow, along with promotional materials including posters, t-shirts and badges, and a web-banner for the Bandcamp website.

Martin’s design captured the essence of the music perfectly, and he came up with something which echoed the spirit of the songs without being too explicit. The cover was simple and evocative and added something special to the whole package. William Jones, Summerhouse Records Ltd.

Friends and Summerhouse Records Bandcamp

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